When producing embedded devices, the process of downloading firmware to the MCU is essential.

To increase productivity, firmware may be downloaded before PCB assembly using tools like a Gang programmer, but there are cases where In-System-Programming (ISP) is necessary after board assembly, suck as SMT.

ISP is an essential function for updating the firmware after production as well.

twareLAB has developed and provides a product that allows ISP to be used easily with high productivity.

Overview of testX Flasher

testX Flasher is designed to enhance user productivity by incorporating 10 dedicated MCU modules for performing firmware downloads to individual target devices.

It provides dedicated GUI-based software, allowing easy handling of firmware downloads for multiple products with just a few clicks.

It not only downloads firmware but also offers functionalities such as verifying firmware operation and performing factory resets, providing greater extensibility beyond that of a simple Gang Programmer.

The main features are as follows.

Main Features

  • Simultaneous downloading to multiple MCUs
  • Up to 4 binaries can be downloaded per MCU in batch.
  • Able to perform Read Protection/Read UnProtection.
  • Testing firmware operation.
  • Logging (ability to check the corresponding step in case of errors)
  • QR scanning and serial number registration (requires additional equipment for expansion).
  • Test step (Testset) file saving function.

Supported MCUs

  • STMicro STM32 Series (All products supporting STMicro's UART Boot Protocol).
  • WIZnet W7500(P) and related modules.
  • WIZnet WizFi360 related modules

System Components

  • testX Flasher HW. Product name: TWF-100
  • testX Flasher SW
    • Ubuntu Version
    • Windows Version
  • testX Flasher TestSet Generator
    • Ubuntu Version
    • Windows Version

Actual operation examples using the product will be introduced in future posts.

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