What is “testX JIG” ?

Standard PCBA test JIG platform for multiple-products.

Multiple products can be tested by replacing only the fixture box for each product in the same testX JIG
Can test 10 products at the same time

Product advantages

Cost down

  • Reuse JIG system
  • Make only exclusive fixture boxes for each product

High productivity

  • Max 10 channel test simultaneously
  • Easy to extend JIG system count

Testlog mangement

  • Prevent duplicate test & loss
  • Support online testlog management service

Main Features

  • Multiple QRcode detect : Max 10 channel
  • Firmware programing & Function test
  • Verify functions for external interface ports
  • Peripheral test : GPIO/ADC/UART/SPI/I2C/Ethernet
  • Save test log : Upload whole log data to Cloud
  • Check power consumption (To be updated)
  • Perform user-custom test function

Product parts

1. QR Camera part

  • Detect QR code for test log monitoring

2. Fixture box part

  • Pin contact layer for a target board
  • Easy to change
  • Requires a dedicated fixture box for a target board

3. Controller part

  • Control board (Embedded Linux) performs the test procedure and displays the status of each step on the screen
  • Up to 10 Channel Boards (MCU Boards) for direct testing of individual products
  • Channel board supports various communication interfaces

Product details

Various products can be tested by combining one standard JIG and several fixture boxes

Easily attached and detached between the JIG body and the fixture box

Just insert the slot type connector on the back of the fixture box into the JIG

The operator can easily put and pull the module.

Support external Ethernet / USB / HDMI connector

Product specifications

220V480(H)x350(W)x400(D)13.4kgAir compressor

testX JIG Cloud system

From test JIG to cloud service

testX Solution case study

Service type – Test outsourcing service

Test quantity

DateTotal countAvg. count / Month
‘21.02 ~ ’22.08550K30K

Average test performance per day

3-4 times higher productivity than before

ProductTest functions
Write Firmware
Write MAC Address
Verify basic functions (Read/Write)
Write Firmware
Write MAC Address
Verify basic functions (Read/Write)
Wi-Fi TEST – AP connect, Ping, RSSI