About twareLAB

New test solution for IoT Device

Based on the high technology of IoT devices, twareLAB provides automated solutions and services
for small and medium manufacturers that are difficult to deploy their own smart test processes.
Our solution collects and analyzes all of the log data from the testing process with cloud services,
which can help improve the quality of the product by extracting not only improvements
in the testing process but also improvements in the product itself.
Through constant innovation and efforts to address the challenges of manufacturers,
we continue to take on new challenges day by day to create the best solutions for our customers to achieve their goals.
Together with future partners, twareLAB, see the infinite possibilities for a successful business.


testX JIG

Best standard test JIG
for multiple PCBA test

TW100 Series

Multi-port Serial to Ethernet module

testX Service

Provide best testing solutions with outstanding our technology.

Rich development skills and know-how

Various F/W, S/W development experiences
Securing expertise with a specialized system

Optimized with custom development

Establish clear development goals through
consulting, delivering specialized solutions to customers

Systematic Clear Process

Clear each stage of development,
Open communication, smooth communication

Complete technical support

Build a reliable use environment, provide
manual, and provide a free maintenance window

Embedded Device Test

Analyze the product and the purpose of testing to provide automation solutions and systems for functional testing in the inspection phase.

Customizing Solutions

Based on over 20 years of engineer experience and professional know-how, Provide the right solution for your goals.


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[testX Flasher] WIZnet WIZ750SR Firmware Download

이번 포스팅에서는 testX Flasher와 1개의 인터페이스 보드를 이용해서 WIZnet의 WIZ750SR 모듈 다섯 대에 대한 일괄 펌웨어 다운로드 및 동작 시험을 하는 예제를 설명한다. 먼저 WIZ750SR 모듈의 Pinout을 알아야 testX Flasher와 연결을 구성할 수 있다. WIZ750SR Read more…

[testX Flasher] Introduction of testX Flasher

배경 임베디드 디바이스를 생산하면 MCU에 펌웨어를 다운로드하는 과정이 반드시 필요하다. 생산성을 높이기 위해서 Gang Programmer 같은 것을 이용해서 PCB 조립전에 다운로드 하는 경우도 있지만 SMT 등 보드 조립후에 In System Programming(이하 ISP) 이 필요한 경우도 Read more…